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Business Theology

Business Theology:

7 Attributes of a Biblically-Sound Business

with Dr. Will Moreland and TC Cooper

This 7-week virtual training experience is for founders, owners, and leaders in business.

Business Theology: 7 Attributes of a Biblically-Sound Business is a 7-week business development training and prayer revival that will teach you the 7 non-negotiable attributes of a biblically-sound business.  Do the work assigned in this program and you’ll leave it knowing exactly how to integrate each of the 7 attributes directly into your business.

All training sessions are recorded and provided to you on the morning of release.

Group discussion happens in our private Facebook group.

Your Instructor, Dr. Will Moreland (aka Dr. Will): 

Dr. Will is one of the foremost experts on business growth and business strategies. He has been named Business Leader of the Year multiple times and is a bestselling author of over 50 books. Clients hire Dr. Will to help them build, grow and scale their business. He has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Will is CEO and Founder of 7 companies, each 6 figure plus operations. 

Your Instructor, TC Cooper (aka Coach TC):  

TC Cooper is an attorney, author, and business strategist. She’s also the founder of UpwardAction® Media and FaithFocusFlow® International.  TC’s methodical approach to decision-making will help you do Work in your business or career that serves people, builds wealth, and honors God.  Her expertise is built on a successful legal and business career spanning two decades. Clients hire her to help them build biblically-sound businesses based on biblical-standards and highly-visible brands by leveraging the power of social marketing and digital technology.

Here’s how you will be transformed by this business training and prayer revival.  

After completing Business Theology: 7 Attributes of a Biblically-Sound Business, you will have practical step-by-step instructions for building your business on the solid foundation of biblically-sound principles and practices. 

God created Work. When you build the foundation of your Work in business or your career on bible-based principles, the fruit of your labor at Work will be transformational experiences for the people you serve and more souls encouraged by the character of Jesus.

Here’s what you get when you enroll.

1.  Seven (7) video lessons with Coach TC and Dr. Will teaching a non-negotiable attribute of building a biblically-sound business. 

2.  30 prayer calls with Dr. Will or Coach TC focused on a specific aspect of building, growing and maintaining a biblically-sound business. 

3.  Access to our members on Facebook Group, where Dr. Will and Coach TC will be available to answer all of your questions about what you’ve learned.    

*** All lessons and calls are recorded and provided to everyone enrolled in this business development training and prayer revival program. ***.  

Here’s when we’ll meet. 

Prayer calls are every weekday morning during the program at:

4 AM (Pacific), 5 AM (Mountain), 6 AM (Central)
7 AM
(Eastern), 1 PM (Ghana)

Training Sessions are at 6:15 every Tuesday and Thursday Morning during the program. 

Not an early bird?  No worries!  We’ve got you.

All sessions are recorded and will be waiting for you when you wake up! 

Class 1:
Tuesday, November 12

Class 4:
Thursday, November 21


Class 2:
Tuesday, November 14

Class 5:
Thursday, November 26


Class 3:
Tuesday, November 19

Class 6:
Thursday, November 28

Class 7:
Tuesday, December 3



Group Coaching Call 1 
Thursday, December 5

Group Coaching Call 2
Thursday, December 10


And there’s more! 

Check our special bonus offers that are just for you!

When you honor yourself by securing your place in the business development training and prayer revival with Coach TC and Dr. Will, you’ll a few very special bonuses!

Bonus #1: Group Coaching

Access to two very special live group coaching call with Dr. Will and Coach TC.

Bonus #2: Million Dollar Bankable Brand Training Manual

Learn the strategies Dr. Will Moreland used to build several Million Dollar Brands.

Bonus #3: Entrepreneur’s Toolbox – 10 Essential Tools to Effectively Manage Your Online Business Brand 

Get a list of the essential tools that TC uses and teaches her clients to use in order to maximize the impact of social marketing and running an online business, with minimal time.

How Do I Get In?  

This 7 Week Business Development and Prayer Revival program is limited to business owners and those who plan to start a business within the next 12 months. 

Enrollment is limited to business owners and aspiring business owners who plan to launch in 2020 to help make sure that everyone enrolled in the program learns something that they can implement right away.   

Dr. Will and Coach TC are committed to your active learning and getting results from what you learn. 

What’s the Cost? 

Business Theology: 7 Attributes of a Biblically-Sound Business  is an online development training that teaches founders, owners, and leaders 7 non-negotiable attributes of a biblically-sound business. Do the work in this online program and you’ll learn exactly how to integrate each of these 7 key attributes into your business.

Investment: $495.00