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Hey there Christ-Centered Believer!

If you are the type of founder or leader in business who is striving to make corporate cultures and business feel less hectic, stressful, and unfulfilling – and more like God’s kingdom in heaven, welcome home.

At FaithFocusFlow® International, we are a comminuity of Christ-centered founders and leaders in business who believe in the power of Christ-centered, biblically-sound thinking to build corporate cultures in business that glorify God.  We accomplish this by serving people well and generating significant revenue in exchange for value.

Christ-Centered, biblically-sound business thinking is rooted in love and build on the solid foundation of love, value, self-discipline, accountability, fairness, good stewardship of what has been entrusted to us, and a committed to making God both famous & proud. Our commitment to design, build and maintain Christ-centered business cultures based on a foundation of FAITH makes us FAITHgineers™!

Here’s why:

1.   According the Word of God, FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of which is not yet seen.  As Believer, our faith and hope is in Jesus Christ.

2.   According to Webster’s dictionary, to ENGINEER something means to design build or maintain.

Combine the core essence of engineering with faith and you have a FAITHgineer™!


The SEVEN core competencies of Founders and Leaders inside and outside of the corporate world who are FAITHgineers!

1.   A FAITHgineer™ courageously establishes a personal vision, mission,  and goals based on profit and purpose.  This type of skill-based leader inspires those in their circle of influence to do this same, leading to a culture of character and integrity.


2.  A FAITHgineer is skilled in communicating an organization’s core values and defining guiding principles in a way that makes it clear how the entire team is expected to work with each other and all stakeholders (e.g., clients, customers, competitors, governmental officials, community members, and others).


3.  A FAITHgineer is knowledgeable about what it takes to develop long-term goals and make them a reality.  This type of skilled-based leader is trained to help others develop actionable long-term goals through thoughtful leadership, strategic consulting, and inspiring coaching tactics. 


4.  A FAITHgineer understands the impact of every spoken and unspoken promise on an organization’s reputation and an individual’s legacy.  This type of skill-based leader is gifted in delivering and managing authentic, truthful and corporate responsible messaging.


5.  A FAITHgineer is committed to building, developing and implementing core systems, processes and procedures to ensure that excellence is experienced in every action and interaction. This type of skill-based leader puts the F.A.I.T.H. formula to work in every aspect of Work in order to transform how Believers and non-believers alike think and behave at Work.


6.  A FAITHgineer embraces the importance of managing all aspects of an organization’s financial health with excellence including  – increasing revenue, reducing expenses, prompt payment of expenses, and integrity in collections.


7.  A FAITHgineer is aware of the challenges that leadership can add to their personal and spiritual growth. This type of skill-based leader knows that when self-care is compromised, a leader’s judgment is weakened, and the leader can be vulnerable to negative influences.


Click here to download a copy of these 7 Core Compentencies of a FAITHgineer and start increasing your leadership and business-building skills today!   

Groups of diverse faith-based founders and corporate leaders working.

Christ-Centered, Biblically-Sound Thinking in Business Requires FAITH.  

One of our powerful methods for helping founders and leaders integrate Christ-centered, biblically-sound thinking into business decisions is through what we call “Instuctional Acronyms.” This are biblically-sound micro-lessons developed by our Founder and Chief FAITHgineer™ – TC Cooper.

FaithFocusFlow®’s foundational Instuctional Acronmyn is built on our F.A.I.T.H.

Here’s how we teach FAITHgineers to exercise the power of F.A.I.T.H. in corporate and business spaces.  

    F.ocus on the impact and influence of your actions of your accomplished goals.    

    A.ct in a way congruent with the character of Christ and the disciple of purpose as His disciple. 

    I.nstill integrity into every aspect of your business from messages and communications; to the nuances in operations and delivery; to the “experience” factor for your clients, customers and the industry at larte; and, most especially,  the pursuit of excellence and creation of value in everything.  

    T.est and verify in all parts of your business constantly.  Make updates in the pursuit of excellence (not perfection) as often as needed.  Make sure that you are delivering more than you promise each and every time  

    H.umble yourself daily, knowing that the abundance that your business and team enjoys and harvest you are reaping is because of the Lord.  

This formula makes up the foundation of our Work at FaithFocusFlow® International and our Work as FAITHpreneurs.  Click here for access to our F.A.I.T.H. Formula instuctional guide. 

I know the power of FAITH in our personal lives and at Work too because I KNOW that FAITH renews and transforms everything.  Our entire team looks foward to working with you on your journey of building Christ-Centered, Biblically-Sound Business Cultures that support ALL people and make the business environment here on earth more like life is in heaven. 

Blessings! ~ TC Cooper

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