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Hey there, business owner or business leader ~

#FaithFocusFlow Leaders!

Hey there, business owner or business leader ~

Do you struggle with identifying instructions for business when reading the Bible?

Are you unsure about how to convert Biblical principles for life into Biblical principles for business?

Do you need help implementing guidance from Scripture into your Work in the marketplace or workplace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – FaithFocusFlow® Leaders is for you!

FaithFocusFlow® Leaders is a membership program established by TC Cooper to help faith-based leaders like you integrate your core values and your faith into your Work regardless of whether God has called you to sow and reap in the workplace, the marketplace or both.

 At FaithFocusFlow® the word “Work” is intentionally capitalized.  We write Work with a capital W to symbolize the labor that God has created for us or assigned for us to complete. 

The FaithFocusFlow® Leaders curriculum is designed to help you use the Bible as a source of wisdom and inspiration as well as a practical instruction manual for building successful businesses & teams that minister in the marketplace while transforming the world around them.

FaithFocusFlow® Leaders are FAITHgineers™  who are committed to building and leading a Kingdom-Class Business.

Faithgineer™ = A leader who is committed to building their life and Work on a foundation of Biblical principles with full faith in trusting what God says, focus on doing what God says and flow in believing what God allows their spiritual eyes to see, even if their natural eyesight cannot yet see it.   

FaithFocusFlow™ Leaders learn practical and useful Bible-based business formulas to integrate God into every aspect and level of business. This includes (i) connecting purpose to profit; (ii) planning for success through SMART Goals and objectives; and (iii)  the constant, joyful by design, practice of DOING the Work required to pursue excellence in all things to DOERS of God’s Word and not just HEARERS of it.

Hey there Faith-based Leader (aka “FAITHgineer”), I created FaithFocusFlow® Leaders with YOU in mind.  ~ Coach TC Cooper

At FaithFocusFlow™ we believe that in every assignment is an opportunity to witness and glorify God, even while we’re on the way to our next assignment.   

* * * *

Time is moving fast, there is none of it to waste.  Now is the time to uncover your calling in every single area of your Work regardless or whether you are in the workplace, marketplace or a combination of both.   People are waiting for you.  God is expecting you.  It’s time to show up.   Join us in the FaithFocusFlow® Leaders program.  We’re waiting with open arms. ~ TC Cooper

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