A Journey for Christianpreneurs

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Practical Business Advice for Christianpreneurs

Practical business advice from a lawyer-type. Positive lessons. Christian focus. This book really has valuable lessons for Christianpreneurs and executives alike. Well done, good and faithful servant of God. -Quote from an Amazon 5-Star...

A Powerful Book for Christianpreneurs

This is not just a powerful book, it’s a reference for life. Tasha TC Cooper has made understanding GOD’s words so simple that anyone can read and get something great from this book. WOW! I LOVE IT. -Quote from an Amazon 5-Star...

A Breath of Fresh Air for Christianpreneurs

In an ever changing world of uncertainty and divisiveness, this book is a breath of fresh air for those of us who want to remain steadfast in our faith while agile in businesses. Highly recommended! -Quote from an Amazon 5-Star...

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52 Prayers for Christianpreneurs


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