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Our Vision and Worldview

FaithFocusFlow® International is a division of UpwardAction LLC.

FaithFocusFlow® serves our community by creating free content through our social media accounts, blog posts, emails, and special reports.  We serve our clients and customers by developing scripture-based online programs, books, planners, and bible-reading/study plans.

Our founder, TC Cooper, believes that when biblically-sound business principles are fundamental for how all business owners and leaders make decisions, the earth becomes more like heaven. This results in people served, profits generated, wealth gained, and people around the world attracted to Jesus Christ because His followers model His character in every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

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FaithFocusFlow provides scripturally sound training programs for lawyers and leaders and non-religious business sectors.

FaithFocusFlow® Leaders Institute

FaithFocusFlow® Leaders Insitute is a monthly membership program teaches leaders formulas and processes for uncovering lessons, insight, guidance, and inspiration for how to do business every time they read their bible or otherwise encounter scripture.  Visit to learn more.


CHARACTERpreneur® Certified

CHARACTERprenuer® Certfied is leadership program for emerging leaders who are ready to increase their influence and impact, while building personal brand that is build on courage, honor, integrity and excellence in all things.   Visit to learn more about this award-winning program.


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Special Reports and Best Selling Books


Renew your faith by reading 27 Things God Says About You.

Be encouraged in your Work by reading 30 Things God Says About Your Business and Work.

Be inspired by words that speak life through what you wear with The FAITHpreneur™ Look Book.

Get yourself focused on on track with 52 Lessons for Christianpreneurs.

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