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Bible-Based Business Resource Center

Bible-Based Business Resource Center

Featured Productivity and Business Development Resources

My SMART Action Plan  – 30 Day SMART Goal Planner:  Printed Planner    

Our SMART Action planning system will help you achieve your goals faster.  Invest in the “My SMART Action Plan – SMART Goal Planner” and tap into a proven system for increasing your impact, influence and income.  This planner will help you focus on the key areas of your life and business that are essential to building a fulfilling life and doing enjoyable Work in your business or career.   Order it and start transforming your life and reaching your next best level of success.

Investment = $20.00 plus shipping

My SMART Action Plan  – 30 Day SMART Goal Planner and Morning Prayer & Meditation Journal: Digial   

Invest in the “My SMART Action Plan – SMART Goal Planner” and our companion “31 Bible Verses and Positive Affirmations to Start Your Morning” eJournal and Companion Guide and structure your day for maxmium personal fullment and professional success.

This dynamic resource set will guide you through a proven system for structuring your morning (through prayer and meditation) and increasing your impact, influence and income at Work in your business or careeer.  This planner and companion eJournal will help you focus on the key areas of your life and business that are essential to starting your day from a power position and reaching maximum efficiency at Work in your business or career.

Order this dynamic duo and start transforming your life and reaching your next best level of success, today.

Both of these resource tools are delivered electronically, so you’ll be working on your goal within 24 hours.

Total Investment = $15.00

Your time is now.   Let’s go!

A Daily Walk with Christ Journal 

“My Daily Walk with Christ” helps Christianpreneurs and Business Leaders do business with and for God by design, not happenstance.

This journal is a hands-on guide that helps you (i) focus on the important parts of building, maintaining and growing your business, (ii) submit all business ideas to God in prayer and (iii) wait for God’s divine instruction before taking action. This all happens in our  5-Step process.

52 Prayers for Christianpreneurs

Prayer is the key to transforming the vision God has placed in your heart for your business into reality. This is true for all Christian business owners. This little book of simply powerful prayers will help you keep God actively involved in your daily actions as you do the Work necessary to build a company that serves the people you have been called to help in a way that honors God. Christianpreneurs, consider this book an essential tool in your business building toolbox. Use it to guide your every decision in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

52 Lessons for Christianpreneurs

In this power packed book, TC Cooper shares 52 passages for Christianpreneurs from the Bible, practical business advice, affirmations, prayers and homework! (Discounts available for purchases of 10+ books ).

The Ultimate Bible-Based Business Bundle (includes 30-Day SMART Goal Planner)

Get our most popular bible-based business resources when you invest in th Ultimate Bible-Based Business Bundle.

  • 2 Books:
    • 52 Lessons for Christianpreneurs
    • 52 Prayers for Christianpreneurs
  • 1 Weekly Email Series:
    • 52 Lessons for Christianpreneurs 
  • 1 Business Journal:
    • My Daily Walk with Christ – A Business Owners and Leaders 
  • 1 Daily Planner:
    • My SMART Action Plan 30-Day SMART Goal Planner for Business and Life 
  • 1 Card Deck:
    • SMART Action Planning Card Deck

Invest in this bundle and save 10% off  the cost of investing in individual resources.

Trust Your Faith.  Believe Your Faith.  Wear Your Faith.  Share Your Faith. 


Our vision and mission for the FaithFocusFlow® Threads shop simple. We exist to help the brilliant people (like YOU) who wear our brand inspire, motivate and encourage yourself with life-affirming messages.

Here’s what really exciting! Our messages will help you speak life to yourself, to those who see what you’re wearing, AND may open the for someone to ask about the message on your shirt, or tote or hat!

Inspire yourself.
Inspire others.
Share the Word.
Make Jesus known.


52 Prayers for Christianpreneurs


52 Lessons for Christianpreneurs


My Daily Walk with Christ:
A Journal for Business 

Morning Glory Edition


“Christianpreneur” Tee-shirt

*Allow 2-3 weeks delivery


30-Day SMART Goal Monthly Planner:
My SMART Action Plan

Invest in the physical planner ($20.00) or digital edition ($10.00).

Mountain Moving Faith Volume 1: Contemplative Christian Coloring Book 

by Marenda Taylor


Christian Word Search Activity Book Volume 1 (Christian Word Search)

by Marenda Taylor



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