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Are You Teachable?

Happy Wednesday! One of the key reasons I publish this daily eLetter is to encourage and support your habit of reading and studying the Word of God for yourself. Once you carve out time and create space to be with God through the study of His Word, you’ll find...

What Did You Do to Your Neighbor?

Happy Tuesday! Your Work in business and your career is a beacon of light that attracts people to Christ by what you DO and how you do it. In today’s message, we walk through a passage in the Book of Proverbs that tells us how to treat our neighbors. These rules...

What Do You Know About Firstfruits in Business?

Happy Monday! Welcome to the beginning of what for many is the traditional work week. Today’s message is designed to help strengthen your Christ-centered, biblically-sound, business thinking around firstfruits – from a corporate perspective. It’s...

Do You Have Stinking Thinking About Business?

Happy Friday! Today’s lesson ties together what we’ve been covering during the past week or so around a SKILLS-based approach to Work using biblically-sound, business thinking (rejecting stinking thinking always) and continuous improvement in business. The...

Have You REALLY Heard From Your Ideal Clients Lately?

Happy Thursday! In yesterday’s message, we took a closer look at Jesus’ ministry while He walked the earth. With this model in mind, I want you to apply biblically-sound business thinking to what you offer your client-base through your Work. We’ll...

Your Reputation Precedes You

Happy Wednesday! In today’s message, we’ll take a look at Jesus’ ministry here on earth from a business perspective. Here’s why: The ministry of Jesus, while he walked the earth, provides a model for how we can (and should) increase our impact,...