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Guiding Principles

At FaithFocusFlow® International, we are committed to Guiding Principles that help build and maintain corporate cultures that serve people, build wealth, and glorify God.  We strive to live out these principles in our personal and professional lives – and help other FAITHgineers do the same.


FaithFocusFlow® Guiding Principles for Founders, Owners and Leaders in Business (aka FAITHgineers)

FAITHgineers are COURAGEOUS when faced operating in integrity versus succumbing to the negative pressures of the marketplace.

FAITHgineers are HONORABLE when interacting with clients, customers, co-workers & colleagues, and even competitors

FAITHgineers are ACCOUNTABLE  to our moral codes of conduct, external FaithFocusFlow Core Values, and international standards of civility.

FAITHgineers are RESOURCEFUL and encouraged to find new ways of generating revenue that build wealth while having a positive impact.

FAITHgineers are AUTHENTIC to their personal integrity, moral compass, professional responsibility, and internal generous and kind spirit.

FAITHgineers are CURRENCY-WISE and diligent about helping the company maintain its financial sustainability and financial health.

FAITHgineers are TIMELY in responding to marketing conditions and stakeholder needs in order to maximize all opportunities and attract new opportunities.

FAITHgineers are EXCELLENT in leveraging the talents and gifts of co-team members, community partners, and other stakeholders.

FAITHgineers are REVERENT in considering the impact and legacy every action creates in their life and our organization for today and years to come.