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Ideas to Help You Appreciate More



Our “Words to Live By” series shares ideas to inspire, motivate and empower YOUR forward moving action.  Each of these short posts will take you less than a minute to read and contains the power to transform your next thoughts and actions, if you allow the transformation to happen.  Let’s go! 



Appreciation is contagious and attract like things unto it.  As a result … the more you appreciate in your life and business, the more similar things you’ll have to appreciate.   Your appreciation brings more of what you want your way.


Appreciate your breath;
not everyone woke up this AM.


Appreciate your health in whatever state it’s in;
not everyone is able to physically do what you can do … things can always be worse.


Appreciate your relationships;
not everyone has a supportive spouse, child, parent, sibling, partner, family member, colleague or friend. Even one person is more than enough.  If you don’t have one person, appreciate that you have God.


Appreciate your work;
it sustains you.


Appreciate your clients and customers;
they have chosen to engage you.


Appreciate the people on your email list (by only sending content of value);
it’s a privilege that they’d invest their precious time reading what you have to share.


Appreciate the people in your social networks;
they are choosing to follow & connect with you.


Appreciate your relationship with God;
for you blessed and highly favored.



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