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Learn How To Get Luckier



Our “Words to Live By” series shares ideas to inspire, motivate and empower YOUR forward moving action.  Each of these short posts will take you less than a minute to read and contains the power to transform your next thoughts and actions, if you allow the transformation to happen.  Let’s go! 

~~~ The Truth About Luck ~~~

Luck is… the intersection of opportunity and preparation; getting to the right place so that you can be there at the right time; the result of favor (aka reward that is without merit).

Luck doesn’t often happen by itself; in most cases it requires you to take the first step.


Being lucky requires you to DO things like …

PURCHASE something, so you can have the winning number.

PICK UP the telephone, so you can be the winning caller.

REGISTER for something, so you can have the winning entry.

GO to the conference, so you can just happen to meet the right person in the hallway.

SEND an email, so your ideal client will just happen to see your message at just the right time.

UPDATE your social media accounts, so your ideal clients will be reminded of their need to hire you.

MOVE from behind your computer and out of your office to have breakfast, lunch, coffee or tea with a current, past or potential client – or referral partner so they’ll know to send business your way.

MAKE an offer, so you can be the divine sign for which someone is praying.

EXERCISE more faith, so you can attract more of what you want in your life and business.



Here’s what I know to be true …

The more action you take,
the luckier you’ll become,
the more successful you’ll be.

What can you DO right now to increase your luck and accelerate your success?


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