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The Truth About Choices



Our “Words to Live By” series shares ideas to inspire, motivate and empower YOUR forward moving action.  Each of these short posts will take you less than a minute to read and contains the power to transform your next thoughts and actions, if you allow the transformation to happen.  Let’s go! 




Regardless of the situation,
you always have a choice.


You can say something,
or say nothing.


You can learn from it,
or complain about it and be consumed.


You can take a strategic action today,
or wait until tomorrow.


You can share your message today with those who need your help – even everything isn’t perfect,
or give into fear you’ll be judged by those who don’t need your help and be of serve to no one.


You can take a risk,
or stay in your comfort zone.


You can be true to yourself,
or do what’s expected.


You can make quantum leaps,
or take baby steps.


You can trust and believe,
or doubt and fear.


You can wake up and make your dreams a reality,
or stay asleep and keep dreaming.


There is always a choice;
which will you make?

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