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Life and Death Lives In Your Tongue

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FAITHgineer =
A leader who build his/her live and business using what God says about Faith.

Welcome to November, my birthday month and absolute favorite month of the year! This is a busy month in the life of FAITHgineers … Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday parties, Christmas activities, 2018 planning and 2017 end-of-year push. What you do during November and December makes all the difference in finishing 2017 strong and starting 2018 in a power position.


While you are off making things happen, I encourage you to be conscious of your words. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the power of life and death are in the tongue. Let that sink in … the tongue {YOUR tongue} has two powers – LIFE and DEATH. There is no in-between.

What you say (and allow those around you to say) about business decisions, client interactions or anything related to your programs, products and services are either giving LIFE or speaking DEATH to your business.

Here how:

    • What is said can help you think about things in new ways, which leads to growth. This is speaking life, for what lives grows.  Thinking about things in new ways could lead to new actions or a thoughtful decision to continue with your current actions.
    • What is said can keep you stagnant, ignoring what is happening around you, which does not lead to growth. This is speaking death, for what does not grow is either dead or dying. When you refuse to even consider news way to think about what is happening in your business, you can not grow.
    • What is said can generate or reinforce things like fear, lack of confidence, willful ignorance, which have a direct negative impact on your Work. Letting what people say to you or about your business impact how you feel and what you do leads to a fast and furious DEATH.


So … pay attention to what you say and what you listen to others say. Then, follow the advice in Proverbs 4:21 and “above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Guard your heart by becoming very intentional about protecting your heart from words inspire growth (breathe life) and those that inspire negative emotions (bring death).

Here’s how:

    • Limit conversations in which people (even those you care about) say things that are not particularly bad, necessarily discouraging or probably even meant to be negative … but still devalue your efforts. These words can be the most powerful weapons in bringing DEATH to your business because they strike at your core … your heart. Learn to either avoid people who often give words that lead to death – or learn hear what they say without listening to what they say. Leave a comment below or send us an email if you need help with this.


    • Stop speaking words of death to yourself. When a thought comes to mind that is not connected to an action that leads to growth, immediately replace the thought with what God says about you. Be sure to follow our Instagram account and check in daily to be reminded of what God says about you.


If you follow the wisdom in this post you will position your mind and spirit to support your actions. This results in maximizing everything you are doing to build a business that honors God, serves people and builds wealth.

If you have any questions about any of this, leave a message below to let us know.


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