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The Truth About Significance

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Significance results from what you DO,
not what you SAY.


Significance is evidenced by what folks say your work has done for them,
not what others are willing to do for you.


Significance is when your purpose serves the world around you,
not when the world around you is trying to serve you.


Significance is about others,
not you.


Greater significance leads to greater influence;
Greater influence leads to greater impact; and
Greater impact leads to greater income.


If you want to be more influential,
you’ve got to become more significant.


If you want to become more significant,
you’ve got to help more people.


If you want to help more people,
you’ve got to STOP talking about how important you are,
and actually DO something that helps others and adds value.


Here’s a funny thing about significance …
The more significant you actually become, the less you’ll have to tell people how signature you are, because your work and the people you self will speak loudly for you.


So ….  here’s the all important question.  What will you DO today to help move the needle for someone in your sphere of influence?


Image: Kristian Bjornard courtesy of Flickr



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