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The Truth About Love



Our “Words to Live By” series shares ideas to inspire, motivate and empower YOUR forward moving action.  Each of these short posts will take you less than a minute to read and contains the power to transform your next thoughts and actions, if you allow the transformation to happen.  Let’s go! 




Love is …
a verb, not a noun.


Love is …
calling the person you’re thinking about,
not sending sending a text or posting on social media.


Love is …
visiting the person you’re thinking about,
not just calling.

Love is …
going the extra mile for your client,
when you know you can help her get to the next level.


Love is …
giving that customer an unexpected bonus,
when you have something that can be transformational.


Love is ….
sending an email to your list because –
you know what you have to share will impact his business.


Love is …
sharing your message on a social network because –
God has given you something to say that can create a
monumental shift in the life of the reader.


Love is …
being generous, not stingy.


Love is …
being consistent, not haphazard.



How have you shown love today?

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