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Are You Acting Faithfully?


3 John is one of my favorite books of the Bible.  It’s short, sweet and filled with so many lessons for business owners and leaders.

You glorify God in your everyday actions. 

In John 3, Apostle John provides practical examples of how powerfully business owners can honor God by demonstrating the character of Christ in every interaction. This can be through things as simple as greeting people by name (verse 15) and having personal face-to-face conversations whenever possible (verse 14).

Through Godly actions in business, we make people curious about how we do business in addition to what we offer.   This can lead to opportunities for helping others conduct their business God’s way and get to know our Heavenly Father in the process.

When you read 3 John, you’ll see Apostle John writes neither Jesus nor Holy Spirit in the text, except by reference to “the truth” – an indirect reference to Jesus who is Truth and Light.  This is powerful because even without a direct mention of the name Jesus or Holy Spirit, John gives us very clear instructions on how to “act faithfully” (verse 5) and what is required to be “of God” (verse 11).

This example of teaching about Jesus without directly mentioning Jesus is very useful for business owners who run Christ-centered businesses that serve people who both are and are not Christ followers.  Your business can reflect the light and truth of God without directly mentioning His name.

Let’s talk about “Acting Faithfully” as a core business principle.

3 John tells us to “act faithfully in whatever you do for the brothers and sisters.” (v.5)

For large, mid-sized and small companies alike, brothers and sisters in business includes people invested in your business. Clients, customers, staff, vendors, business partners, volunteers, interns, counsel and collaborators are a few examples.

“Acting faithfully” involves honoring what you tell the public (truth in advertising), exhibiting integrity in every aspect of business (quality of your goods and/or services) and doing absolutely everything with an excellence (because you report to Jesus, not people). In doing these things, we are conducting business in a way that models Bible principles and honors God.

Who are strangers and why do they matter?

3 John tells us to especially “act faithfully’” with strangers and “send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God.” (v. 6) This is a powerful concept in business for “if you send people on their journey” with positive thoughts about how you do business, these people can and likely will tell others about your business.

Let’s take a short commercial break … lol

I’m always advising our clients to share their business with the people they meet while out an bout living life.  When you offer something that can help people live better, do better, have more, enjoy more, worry less or anything else of value – you also have an obligations to get it out into the world, and in a BIG way.

This includes people you know and also people you meet … like strangers.

Back to Strangers … 

Anyone with whom you are not currently doing business in a stranger to your business. Every stranger is someone who could refer business to you or simply tell someone about your business, who can then tell other about your business.  You just never know what conversations that happen with and without your knowledge will lead to your next level. 

You’ll grow your business and spread the gospel of Christ by treating every single person you encounter with the love of Jesus.  This is important because you never long where life will lead the folks you encounter.  Our Father in Heaven has a funny way of raising up people and bringing down others in His will and at His appointed time.

I encourage you to treat every single person who crosses your path with the spirit of God’s justice, mercy and humbleness (Micah 6:8) … which is all worthy of God, knowing you’ll eventually reap what you sow.

Now … about your #FaithFocusFlow:

Write down the areas in your business where you have lots of room to “act more faithfully.” This can include processes, systems, business practices and/or specific relationships. Then, outline exactly what you’ll do to improve. If you need help with this, hit reply to let me know. I’ll be back with another lesson from 3 John tomorrow.

* * * * *

Sending love in purpose & power ~



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