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What does it mean to be blameless in business?


Let’s talk about being blameless in business.

“The Lord watches over the blameless in all their days, and their inheritance will last forever. They will not be disgraced in times of adversity, they will be satisfied in days of hunger.” Psalm 37:18–19

* * * * * * *

The Word tells us that the Lord watches over the blameless in all of their days.  This is true in life and business too.

As a business leader, you have the power to make decisions with integrity when dealing with clients, customers, staff, vendors, suppliers, competitors, and everyone else you encounter. Use this power to make decisions and take actions that bring God glory – and also shines a bright light on the goodness and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Building a reputation based on integrity is also a source of protection when there’s trouble, adversity or things do not go as planned.  While you will not be perfect in these things (because only Jesus is perfect) you can be blameless through being intentional about DOing what’s right and BEing considerate of others in all things and at all times.

A practical way to bring Psalm 37 to life in your business is making it a fundamental business practice to consider what course of action honors God and brings Him glory every time you make a decision. You can also make it a core business value to avoid unethical shortcuts – even when it appears bending the law or otherwise being deceitful could result in reduced costs or increased profits. When you avoid an unethical shortcut, you are not only representing God in a positive light, you are also avoiding the pain of having your arms being broken in the long run (read Psalm 37:17).

* * * * * *

To be blameless by representing God’s Holy Spirit in every decision is to your personal and professional benefit. Do this and God promises that (1) your inheritance will last forever, (2) you will not be disgraced in times of adversity, and (3) you will be satisfied in the days of hunger. This is Bible. Open up Psalm 37:18-19 and read if for yourself.

Grace and Peace ~

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