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Are You Patient Enough?



Patience and control are two character traits necessary to build a business that has sustainable success and reflects the character of Christ.

While he was being accused by the chief priests and elders, he didn’t answer. Then Pilate said to him, “Don’t you hear how much they are testifying against you? But he didn’t answer him on even one charge, so that the governor was quite amazed. Matthew 27:12-14

During your journey as a business owner, executive or leader you will have people say things about you that are unkind, unfair and sometimes simply untrue. It happened to Jesus and will happen to you!

It is your job to know when to respond to things that do not accurately represent who you are, what you’ve done and what you stand for – and – when to be quiet or wait.

—> Not every accusation needs a “real-time” response.

—> Not every charge needs to be addressed “in-the-moment.”

—>Not every person who lies deserves your “immediate” attention.

To be patient in business is to control your words and actions so that your responses are always strategicnever reactionary.

To be patient and in control of your public image when people are telling lies about your company, your work or even you is to first stop yourself from taking an action based on emotion. First, put on your analytical thinking cap (or call wise counsel immediately).

Take a look at: (1) what is being said, (2) who is saying it, (3) the genesis of the problem and (4) if you can do anything to correct the wrong that is being articulated.

Once you have done these things, go to the Lord in prayer asking for guidance in taking a next step that glorifies His name while addressing an issue.

If you’ve hired wise counsel, work with them, pray about their guidance for strategic action and move forward quickly. The key to dealing with public scrutiny is to never react based on how you feel, but instead take strategic action designed to accomplish a specific objective quicklynot necessarily immediately.

To be patient and in control with your staff and vendors is to expect things to be delivered on time and in the manner you’ve prescribed; but, to also create space in your schedule for delays that are unexpected and unavoidable when people are doing their best.

Treat people in the way you want them to treat you and you’ll inspire their loyalty and dedication. Treat people other than how you want to be treated, and you’ll inspire poor performance and unnecessary turn-over.

To be patient and in control with your customers and clients is always to give your very best effort, be gracious when your Work is celebrated by those you serve, and avoid a defensive stance when the people are not happy with your Work.

In the case of disgruntled clients and customers, do what you can to make things right from your desire to add value. If clients and customers are unfair and unreasonable, do not become defensive.

Examine the role you play (or could be reasonable perceived to have played) in any difficult situation, do everything reasonable to correct the wrong, and make things right whenever possible. If you cannot make things right, then make amends.

If this process does not make a situation better, then wish the person who is upset well and let them go. Do not be afraid to release a bad client or customer. Your business is not called to serve everyone.

Make patience and control key part of your best practices and business culture. Exhibiting these traits in every situation is how you and your business helps God’s kingdom to be here on earth as it is in heaven.

* * * * *

It’s my prayer that this message is a blessing to you. I’ll see you tomorrow as we go deeper into another Character In Business trait that is essential for Christ-centered businesses.

Grace & Peace ~ TC

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