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Check Out Our SKILLS Matrix for Productivity


I hope you’ve had a great week and you’re preparing for a productive weekend – whether productive for you means rest, work or play.

In this afternoon’s message, I’m sharing our SKILLS Matrix for you to think about over the weekend and the days to come. This matrix will help you be more productive and joyful on your journey of making your Work and play more meaningful.

I’ll *see* you on Monday.

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Coach TC

TC Cooper | Founder of the FaithFocusFlow® International

PS – Let me know if our SKILLS Matrix™ helps you. Your feedback helps our team use this eLetter to help you grow.

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The FAITHgineer S.K.I.L.L.S. Matrix™

Do see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men. Proverbs 29:29

The Word tells us a skillful person will stand before kings and not waste away in obscurity. As a founder, leader, or creator who is highly skilled in your field of expertise, this should give you great comfort and make you more than a little excited! Your skills will lead to standing (not kneeling, begging, pleading, conniving, or plotting) before people of importance.

In business, the people who you will stand before are the exact folks you need to grow and expand. These are also the people you are called to serve in business as clients and customers.

It is essential for founders, leaders, and creators to continuously build and develop the skills needed to create healthy and profitable business cultures. Through Christ-centered, biblically-sound, business God can and will significantly expand your influence, to increase your impact and grow your income.

Our SKILLS matrix provides an effective structure for fully developing your most critical business SKILLS. I developed this matrix to help our clients become focused and intentional in the key areas of leadership and business development.

Here how it works:

The FAITHgineer S.K.I.L.L.S. Matrix™

S. Self-awareness

Be intentional about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and be ever focused on being the best possible version of yourself.

K. Knowledge

Be intentional about ever-increasing your insight and experiences in the areas in which you lead.

I. Intuition

Be intentional about paying close attention to all of your environments so you can anticipate the now and later.

L. Long-view

Be intentional about planning for tomorrow and future generations, while taking full advantage of and enjoying what is available today.

L. Levity

Be intentional about laughing more often. Find God in whatever comes your way, with full confidence that when you connect to your purpose, all things will eventually work for your good.

S. Strength and courage.

Be bold and courageous by increasing your reliance on God to bless the thoughtful, purposeful, and consistent Work of your hands in business.

Now that you have a broad understanding of the FAITHgineer™ SKILLS Matrix, it’s time for you to put it into action. Let us know if you need help.


TC Cooper, Founder of FaithFocusFlow® International

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