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Have You REALLY Heard From Your Ideal Clients Lately?


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Let the wise hear and increase in learning and the one who understands obtain guidance. Proverbs 1:5.

This simple verse in the book of Proverbs holds an essential key to designing, building, and maintaining a corporate culture in business that generates substantial wealth and glorifies God by serving people well.

The marketplace will tell you what it wants and needs. Listen to what your clients and ideal clients are saying to learn precisely how what you offer through business fits an exact want, desire, or need.

  • Attend strategic events and actually talk to people.
  • Monitor social media, strategically.
  • Ask questions, intentionally.

Be intentional in pausing after you’ve listened to actually to hear what’s being said. Use what you learn and now understand (because you’ve listened) about the marketplace as guidance for continuous improvement in what you offer.

Today’s Biblically-Sound, Business Thinking for FAITHgineers™

Time spent understanding the ever-evolving nature of your ideal clients and customers (in specific) and the marketplace (in general) is time well invested. Be wise in using what you learn to position your Work for increased impact, influence, and income.

Here’s the formula: Listen. Hear. Understand. Be guided. Act.

The world needs what your Work is called to create through business. Provide it, profitably.

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One Response to “Have You REALLY Heard From Your Ideal Clients Lately?

  • It’s always good to go out to events, if not just to learn about your ideal clients, but to also expand and meet new people. I’ve made some lifelong friends and clients that I met at these types of events. People DO still get out and go to events!

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