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Your Reputation Precedes You


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And at once his fame spread everywhere throughout all of the surrounding region of Galilee after he healed the man with the unclean spirit. That evening at sundown, they brought to him all who were sick or oppressed by demons. And the whole city was gathered together at the door. Mark 1:28, 32-33

In part, Jesus became well known and famous throughout the land because what He DID in ministry proved that Jesus was whom He and others claimed Him to be.  

Think about it this way. 

Jesus’ incredible works in ministry (like your works in business) expanded His reputation for doing these incredible works, and brought more and more people to Him who in need of the Works. 

Jesus gave people (disciples, Believers, and enemies too) something to talk about by doing the Work He was purposed to walk the earth to do.

The impact of Jesus’ healing ministry created a powerful opportunity for three types of people to experience the benefit of His Work and see God through the process. 

Jesus at Work in his ministry served:

  1. People needing healing by healing them;
  2. People who knew people who needed healing by allowing them to see healing occur; and
  3. People watching others being healed by helping renew their faith that such healing was possible.

Consider this: Your Work in business is a part of your ministry here on earth. Said another way, your Work in business and your career is your ministry. 

Now, with this in mind, consider the following six facts through the lens of Work as ministry.

  1. Jesus did the Work He was purposed to do while here on earth. He didn’t just talk about it; He did His Work. 
  2. People needed the Work Jesus was purposed to do to make their lives better.
  3. People were astonished by seeing Jesus DO his healing Work, not just hearing about it. Jesus did Work that served people in public places. 
  4. Everyone told everyone about Jesus at Work, and so there was more and more work for Him to do.  
  5. Jesus’ fame and reputation spread like wildfire because of what He was DOING, not just because of what He or others were saying.
  6. Our Father in heaven’s presence on earth as made known (aka even more famous) through Jesus doing Work.

It’s important to see that Jesus didn’t just talk about who He was as he walked the earth. Instead, He showed people who He was by what He DID in a ministry that supported what He said.

Think about how what you’ve just read applies to your purpose as a founder, owner, or leader in business.

  1. Are you personally using your gifts, talents, and skills to make something(s) better for someone(s)? 
  2. Does your business serve its community by providing an exact solution for a specific condition?
  3. Does your Work function through processes, procedures, systems, and structure for which excellence is the hallmark?

To be a FAITHgineer™ is to be skilled in serving a single person for a specific condition well, and then (aka after mastering the skill) scaling to serve this type of person for this type of condition in mass.

Take a look at your responses to the questions above. Determine what needs to change in your approach to Work. Focus on increasing the impact of your programs, products, and services to help build, increase, and expand your reputation… bringing more and more people to your Work, and in the process, providing more and more opportunities for folks to see Christ through your Work. 


Always remember that:

  • The fastest way to grow in business is to be consistent in delivering your Work with excellence.
  • The fastest way to get stuck or fail in business is to stop doing your Work consistently or with excellence.

Today’s Biblically-Sound, Business Thinking for FAITHgineers™

Let nothing stop you from exchanging value delivered (through programs, products, and services) for value received (through compensation), and you’ll be designing, building, and maintaining a business positioned to generate substantial wealth for generations to come.

We want to know your thoughts about this message.  Leave your comments below.


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  • Amen! Actions speak louder than words! Jesus is the best example of this in my opinion 🙂

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