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Know Your Worth




Is your business worthless? Is what you have to offer without value? The answers are NO and NO.

“It’s worthless, It’s worthless!” the buyer says, but after he is on his way, he gloats. Proverbs 20:14

Your business is a gift from God, given so you will serve those who are waiting for what you have to offer. Not every one is meant to be served by your business; however, those who are assigned to your business need you!


Too many leaders and business owners who are led by Christ make the common mistake of trying to please everyone – and they do it at the expense of operating a profitable business. This often happens because of our desire to be nice and helpful …


Here’s what you should know:

As someone led by Christ, you are called to always be fair to those you do business with and serve with excellence. You are NOT called, however, to devalue what God has given you to steward in business in order to make make an unreasonable person happy.


Sadly, not everyone is Christ-like or operates with integrity.

There are thieves, crooks and otherwise deceitful people who will take your business down, if you let them. These types of people prey on the honorable nature and character of people who are led by Christ.


Do not allow unscrupulous people to take advantage of you, discount your value and ultimately undermine your business.


Know the value of what you offer and stick to it. Give away or discount only what God and your business planning tells you to.

Be clear about your worth. Don’t let others determine it for you.

Be fair and firm. Think about what Jesus would do, then act accordingly.

Do not be guilted or bullied into doing anything. Act under the guidance of God and wise counsel.

I encourage you to take the wisdom of Proverbs to heart when making fair and compassions decisions that involve client, customers, staff, suppliers, vendors and other people related to your business.

You must always treat people fairly, because it is what Jesus would do; however, nothing in the Bible calls you to give into unreasonable demands and allow others to take advantage of you or your business. Read Proverbs 20:14

Be faithful to your duty to operate a profitable business that honors God (through excellence), supports people (by adding value and being fair) and builds sustainable wealth (by demanding that others pay for what you offer – and refraining from emotional reactions to discount or give away).


Be Christ-like. Be Business Savvy.


Until then …

Grace and Peace ~

TC Cooper (aka Coach TC)

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