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What Kind of Language Are You Using?



The Source:

And if you speak noble words, rather than worthless ones, you will be my spokesman. Jeremiah 15:19

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Today’s Message:

Your words can attract your ideal clients, customers, staff members, business partners, and other stakeholders – if you use them wisely.

When your words are noble, affirming, fair, constructive, and humble … you are building up your team, clients, customers, community, your business, and by extension the kingdom of God.

Noble words help to make God’s kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Noble words and actions also help your business build the type of reputation and brand that leads to sustainable and increasing success.

* * *

When your words are reckless, unjust, untrue, and just plain ugly, you are building a culture that will ultimately repel your ideal staff members, clients, customers and other ideal stakeholders away from you and your Work. You will also be tearing down God’s kingdom here on earth so it begins to reflect nothing of what awaits us in heaven.

Say and do mean-spirited things while proclaiming that you love Jesus, and you even could be making yourself a hindrance to the salvation of others because of your poor representation of Christ. Hindering others is something you will ultimately be held accountable for by Christ, and it makes you a tool of the enemy. Be careful.

* * * *

It’s time to activate!

Do not allow yourself to be a tool of the enemy through what you say to those the workplace and marketplace. Be disciplined in guarding your mouth and controlling your tongue.

  • Speak noble words.
  • Take noble actions.
  • Extend grace with a noble spirit.
  • Expect a noble reward.

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