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What’s Your Category of One?



The more distinctive your programs, products, and services – the more of your ideal clients and customers you’ll attract. This is BIBLE!

Even lifeless instruments that produce sounds – whether flute or harp – if they don’t make a distinction in the notes, how will what is played on the flute or harp be recognized? 1 Corinthians 14:7


1 Corinthians 14 teaches about the importance of God’s people being able to understand what God is saying through His prophets, for the church cannot be built up without understanding. This lesson is true in the building of churches and also businesses too.


Your company cannot be built up and sustained without distinction in the marketplace.


Become distinctive in the marketplace by first identifying and then articulating your category of one. To do this, start thinking beyond what you see on the surface of your business or division. Put yourself in the place of your clients and customers and see your business through their eyes.

—> What is unique?

—> What is different?

—> What is special about your delivery or follow-up?

—> How do people feel when working with you?

—> What do people tell you they most love about you?


Being clear about the answers to these questions and combining them into a single declaration is one of the ways to create a “category of one” for your company or division.


Positioning yourself in a “category of one” makes it easy for your people to “recognize” you in a crowded marketplace.


At FaithFocusFlow™, we pride ourselves on being the #1 Center for Business by the Bible Resources. We are uniquely gifted in teaching leaders in business how to base big & small decisions on Christ-centered principles.


When you make clear your “category of one,” you help people who need, want and desire what your business offers: (1) find you, (2) see their solution and peace of mind in what you offer, and (3) tell others about your primary benefits. The combination of these three things help attract, maintain and increase sales.


Make today the day you (1) identify your distinctive factor in business, (2) claim your “category of one,” and (3) make this distinction a key part of your marketing.


Follow these steps, keeping 1 Corinthians 14:7 in mind, and you will grow.



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Grace & Peace ~

Coach TC

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