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Focus on the Need


Focus on the need.

God wants us to be fruitful. In fact, the Bible references the word “fruit” more than 200 times and in more than 180 verses. Fruit is what God calls us to produce in our lives and businesses too.

A fruitful business is a profitable business, or one that is on track to be profitable by design.

A profitable business is one that’s devoted to good works that solve pressing needs. 

Let our people learn to devote themselves to good works for pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful. Titus 3:14

Delivering “good works” for “pressing needs,” is what separates businesses that fail or merely survive from those that thrive.

Being clear about your “works” and your ideal clients’ “needs” and then executing on what you know, is how you build and grow a business that glorifies Jesus Christ, serves people and builds sustainable wealth. Let’s dive in.


For existing businesses … first, the “good works.”

Make sure whatever you do or provide in business is designed and executed in a manner that makes things better.

Know the exact benefits of what you offer. Write them down. Ask those around you – staff, vendors, clients, customers, supporters – for feedback if you are unclear.

The better you define the benefit that your business provides, the more people and companies you’ll be able to serve – and, the higher + more sustainable your profits will be.


Now, the pressing needs.

Once you are clear about the benefits of what you are currently offering, connect these benefits to one or more “pressing need” of your ideal clients.

Who or what company would be made better if they had what your company or business unit provides? Write down specific names and a general description.

What is keeping the person you have been called to serve up at night? What is she worried about? Write it down.

Where is the company that you can help vulnerable? In what ways can you fill a gap or create value? Write it down.

Connect what you’ve written down to your sales strategy and scripts. Use what you’ve learned (or reminded yourself of) to make this week, month and quarter of sales your very best yet.



If you are trying to figure out how to get started in business, it’s important to identify the “pressing need” for what God has gifted you to create, design or develop BEFORE you invest in bringing it to market.

Answer the questions in our message about counting your days (click here to read it). Then, connect what you observe to a “pressing need” in those you want to serve.

Keep working at this until you are able to clearly connect the “good works” of your gifts to a “pressing need” in those you feel you’ve been called to serve.

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Moving Forward:

Make today the day you move around your environment very clear about how your business delivers value and provides “good works” for specific pressing needs.

Use this nexus, this connection, between “good works” and “pressing needs” to add intensity to your focus on sales and lead you to greater revenue through demonstrated value, not “fly-by-night” promises. 

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That’s it for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with another “Business by the Bible” teaching. I’d love to hear how this message speaks to you. Hit reply to let me know!

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Grace & Peace ~

Coach TC

TC Cooper | Founder of FaithFocusFlow™ Leaders | President of UpwardAction® Media

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